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Long established web software developers SuttonNet are re-branding as Bizazz Pty Ltd

Watch this space for our new website!

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About Bizazz® Website Management System

CMS, Ecommerce, Photo Processor, Database Management

Bizazz® is a powerful website management system for:
  • webpage editing & menu management
  • processing and loading website photos
  • ecommerce products & sales management
  • online bookings
  • easy search engine optimisation: Bizazz does most of the work for you
  • website form creation
  • contacts/customers data management
  • email newsletters & targetted email/SMS campaigns
  • ...and more.

Bizazz software is now being re-developed. Bizazz® version 2.x allows our clients to update their websites or check online sales from their phone anywhere, any time there's a secure Internet connection. 

Content Management System (CMS) & more

Bizazz® effortlessly lays out webpage content in the right format for all screen sizes from phones to wide screens. If you have a Bizazz ecommerce site, the same editor will let you create or edit product descriptions quickly and incorporate links, subheadings etc.

Unlike with some CMSs, your site remains fully available to customers while you edit it; you work on draft copies of each webpage and only publish them when you're ready. If you mess up, just delete the draft page and start again: your real website is unharmed.

Bizazz® makes it easy to co-ordinate your site's webpages with consistent appearance and style across the site. That not only helps your website look good; it makes it easier for site users. Webpage style options are customised for each website & pre-set in Bizazz®. You can't add a clashing colour or choose the wrong font.

Easily add cards/panels, links, headings etc anywhere you want on your webpage; re-arrange content; add larger or smaller photos & text blocks; move photos around the page; re-name menus; move pages from top menu to submenu position & vice versa.

Bizazz structures your webpages automatically into search engine friendly format, to help your pages rank highly in online searches & save you on digital marketing costs. Add a simple meta description and relevant page title in Bizazz for effective Search Engine Optimisation at very low cost. We give all our clients guidance in maintaining search engine friendly webpages.

For more info about Bizazz® and about its creator, website development and web applications business SuttonNet, visit our main website.